Now that school is out for the summer chances are your children are spending more time at home. Now is the perfect time to do a little safety review for you and your kids.

Nothing is more difficult than leaving your infant or baby in someone else’s care. If you will be hiring a babysitter or nanny, consider getting a Nanny Cam or Hidden Camera. These images can be viewed from another room, recorded and played back later or viewed live from a remote location via the internet. Nothing can give you more reassurance that your precious “bundle of joy” is safe than to see it with your own “eyes.”

For the toddlers, it may be time to update your childproofing efforts at home. The basics of simple and inexpensive cabinet latches, corner cushions for tables and electrical outlet covers is a great place to start. If your kids are like mine, they may not have been interested in the items in the cupboard yesterday but they sure are today. The ability (and desire) to climb as they get older necessitates the addition of furniture tie downs and anchors as well.

Of course, pool safety is a primary concern for any parent. If you have a pool of your own, consider purchasing an inexpensive Pool Alarm. In these hot summer days, kids are naturally drawn to water and this is just one more way to help prevent drawings. This is a great idea for Grandparents too. I’ve even gone so far as to purchase one for my neighbor who has a very inviting waterfall pool. Remember that children are VERY creative when it comes to getting what (and where) they want.

For an older child that may be spending a little time home alone, remind them of the steps to take in an emergency. Besides practicing (pretend) dialing 911 with them, have them memorize each parent’s cell phone numbers. And have all the phone numbers posted in an easy to remember location like the refrigerator or on a bulletin board above the telephone. Make sure to give them a safe place to go to if they need to leave the house-a trusted neighbor’s home for example. And consider installing an easy to use home security camera [] at the front entrance so the children can see who is there before opening the door.

Summer is a great time for kids and parents to spend more time together having fun, learning and making memories. Keeping it safe for them will make it much more enjoyable for the whole family.